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Data Backup & Disaster/Recovery

We’ll help you to engineer the proper D/R strategy for your backup operation, and to provide you peace of mind knowing your data is safe and 100% recoverable if a disaster will occur. The right solution for backing up a business-critical application, one computer or the whole enterprise, is that solution that will provide a high level of data recovery and business continuity.

Software Installation and Integration

When you request our support for software, we always analyze every possibility to provide you with the right package, whether is a customized or commercial solution, our expertise in integrating business-oriented software is your best warranty. Integration in several platforms, operating systems, and protocols, so your solution never falls short of possible enhancements and capabilities. Our experts will build or customize software to allow you to take full advantage of it's functionality.


Whether your need is to share files and resources between two computers, a group of computers, enable servers and server-hosted applications, connectivity between locations, including VPN. Complete support of main stream network operating systems, and network topologies, including storage and relational database management systems. We know the meaning of the word networking to it's most ample extension, we can provide you with full support for multi-platform networking solutions and integration.


The word security at the business level in these days expands to many areas, network perimeter, desktop and applications, and physical site, however, all funnels down to the same adage … “Keep the bad guys out!”. We’ll help you to protect your local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and desktops using the latest in security technology and protection from leading manufacturers, ensuring optimal operation. As well to research and engineer a video surveillance solution that will suit your business’ requirements, no two businesses are the same!

Computer/Software Scheduled Maintenance

Computers and applications require periodic maintenance to keep their performance running smooth and optimized. A well-maintained system will provide you less interrupted and longer production time, which on the long run, will save you money, this is a fact! Our analysis of computer systems and applications, most of the times allow us to create an automated maintenance plan that eventually requires little to none human intervention.

Custom Build Computers

PCSmart Solutions can build custom computers tailored specifically for what the application demand, and with this, provide you and your team a system that will outperform a generic commercial system, and will last well beyond computer life expectations. We stand firm behind our custom built systems. One year warranty.

PC & Mac Repair

Moving parts and electric components in computers have a mean time before failure (MTBF), however, there are factors that can make the life of components a lot longer, these are environmental factors where the computer is operating. Temperature-controlled, as well as dust and smoke free environments will not only keep your computer running for longer, but it will also enhance the operation of it’s components. However, the bad luck of a computer failure would happen, we are just a click or a phone call away, we’ll fix your device on site, or will pickup, we never charge for diagnostics. 90 day warranty on all replaced parts.
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