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We are way beyond 30 years since the personal computer (PC), had it’s first undeniable appeal with the masses! Yes it was in the 80’s when the office environment started using computers for many different business related tasks, from word processing, to math crunching using spreadsheets, to sophisticated manipulation of graphics. These basic functions were the anchor for the PC to become the “insider” on any business that would be able to take advantage of adopting and mastering computer technology. Later with the proliferation of Internet in the 90’s, the PC became a must not only at the office, but also at schools and ultimately home. Today, businesses taking advantage of the digital era, use computers to do administration, design, marketing, engineering, publishing, etc. With computers, hand-held devices like smart phones and tablets, with the computing power that 30 years ago will require a team of computing experts, and a building-size area to host the hardware and software, there is no doubt technology evolved, and those who embraced it, are enjoying powerful capabilities we never dreamed to be possible. With the above in mind, for us, everyday is a new day to learn what is new with technology, to find the way to use it and develop a better way of doing what we’ve done yesterday, and to bring the advantage of our experience to our customers.